Residential as-built surveys

Time needed: 1 day

When working with residential customers, Caldas Works has a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Furthermore, every project we undertake is different. Our experience gives us a good sense of what most clients are looking for in as-built drawings.

The most commonly requested as-built surveys are:

  1. Floor plan

    Everything starts with an accurate floor plan. It’s because every other type of plan revolves around this key part of any structure. A survey must always include: exterior and interior wallswindows and doors, and if visible, structural elements. Moreover, they must deliver accuracy and allow editing or manipulation, if necessary.

  2. Roof plan

    Includes details such as valleys, hips, ridges, roof pitch, accessories, etc.

  3. Exterior elevations

    Shows what the building looks like from its exterior sides. These depictions show the structure from the ground level up.

  4. Reflected ceiling plan drawings (RCP)

    A depiction of a room or space looking down at the ceiling. These plans are made to graphically show the ceiling treatment, ceiling grid, and the placement of all light fixtures and other accessories.

  5. Electrical plan drawings

    Show the visible electrical equipment, including: meters, panels, transformers, outlets, data jacks, light switches, etc…The safety of people, property, plant, and equipment often depends on accurate electrical documentation which is why special care must be given when producing these drawings

One more thing…

We also offer Technical Photography (still, 3DVR, drone).

Overall, the drawings and photos give you access to the three systems (MEPs): mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Generally, they inform owners and identify systems available within the property, no matter where they are located (roofs, side yards, inside walls, etc).

As-built survey package files

As-built drawings identify the changes that were made throughout the life of your construction project. That is to say, they record existing conditions.

Residential customers looking to purchase the Caldas Works Inc as-built package, will receive all or a combination of the following (depending on project needs/requirements): floor plan, reflected ceiling plan (RCP), electrical plan, roof plan, exterior and interior elevations. Additionally, we include technical photography as still images, DVR and drone formats (bird’s eye view). Lastly travel time & costs need to be considered as well.

Answering the 5 Ws

What files do I get at the end of my project?

All files delivered through Dropbox link in AutoCAD DWG, PDF & JPG formats
PDF drawings are 24 x 36″ sheets

What’s the turnaround time for as-built plans?

1-3 days*, typical home between 1000-3000 sq ft
5 days* commercial, depends on travel and size of job

Do you travel to other parts of the United States?

Yes. We’ve worked on private homes across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Do you provide free, no-hassle quotes?

Yes. Call us for a free, custom quote over the phone. Cost per square per foot is calculated to the building perimeter. Additional sq ft is billed separately.

Which areas in Florida do you service?

Caldas Works is a Florida based, as-built survey company servicing Orlando to Key West.

Orlando, Florida residential roof plan

Why, what, when, where and who—of as-built surveys

Why do I need as-builts?

Having accurate, existing condition plans allows designers and engineers to work with reality. In turn, no changes are done onsite or on the fly, which can be costly and time consuming.

What are the costs?

The cost is $1 per sq ft. A full Caldas Works as-built package consists of: CAD drawings, PDFs drawings (floor, ceiling, roof and elevations) and technical photography (Still, 3DVR, Drone).

When does the work happen?

To set a date for the survey all we need is a deposit, time and day.

Who does the work?

A screened surveyor or two will come to the property on the agreed date to collect the data needed to produce the drawings.

As-Built surveys, plans of existing conditions. Free quotes available