Do you have drawings of your property?

Hey Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando and Cape Coral, FL…
For example, do they include: floor & reflected ceiling plans, roof & electrical plans, interior & exterior elevations and sections? If you don’t, Caldas Works can help. In other words, you need an as-built survey done.

As-built is our specialty (drawings of existing conditions). In fact, Caldas Works Inc is an as-built survey company, serving residential and commercial properties from Orlando to Key West, Florida. Contact us for a free, no-hassle quote.

As-built surveys and drawings of existing conditions - Caldas Works

As-built drawings answers accurately and confidently when property questions come up

As-builts give diverse teams a record of changes that have been made to certain design elements in a construction project. Moreover, they include legends with labels. Every detail of the property is captured.

Drawings of existing conditions - Caldas Works

Helping with future development or changes to your current project

Drawings give you access to the three systems (MEPs): mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Generally, they inform owners and identify systems available within the property. Finally, these drawings are about recognizing what you currently have and what can be added.

As-built drawings and site plans - Caldas Works

Giving future buyers a more comprehensive measure of a property’s value

For instance, as-built drawings provide potential buyers with a clearer sense of what they are purchasing. As a result, by gaining a full understanding of your property, your investment in drawings will make it worthwhile. Lastly, they can help future owners in their own planning.

Are you looking to submit or revise plans (drawings), for city permits?

Prior to starting a home renovation project, Caldas Works helps residential customers with their drawings.
As a result, we save them time and money in the long run.
—Francisco Caldas, principal

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As-built surveys in South Florida. For residential & commercial properties

  • Floor plan
  • Reflected ceiling plan
  • Interior elevations
  • Exterior elevations
  • Electrical plan
  • Sections
  • Roof plan (equipment, vents, openings)
  • Technical photography (still, 3DVR, drone)
  • All files delivered through digital link
  • AutoCAD DWG, PDF & JPG formats
  • PDF drawings are 24″ x 36″ sheets
  • The building perimeter determines the cost